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Linda was a primary school teacher for 28 years. After retirement she began writing stories and poetry, pursuing her interest in astronomy and taking piano lessons. In 2014 she gained an MA in Creative Writing (Contemporary Poetry) under the tutelage of, amongst others, the poets Jean Sprackland and Carol Ann Duffy. Her poetry portfolio was awarded a distinction. Linda lives in Lancashire, UK.

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Raven Child and the Snow Witch

Published by Templar October 2016 ISBN: 9781783704187

Anya lives with her mother and father in the shadow of the glacier where the Snow Witch reigns. Every Spring, Anya’s mother journeys to the glacier to pick the blue gentian flower that grow there. But this time she does not return. She has been captured by the Snow Witch and imprisoned in the ice. Anya and her father set off with her raven friend, Broken Wing, to rescue her. It’s a treacherous journey, and there’s no knowing what they will find. Anya has only her love and courage, but will it be enough to defeat the Snow Witch in her frozen kingdom, where ‘ice grows its crystals in the marrow of your bones'.


About the illustrator

Daniel Egneus represented by Good Illustration

Daniel Egneus is a highly regarded and revered illustrator. Born in Sweden, Daniel has lived in Prague, London, Berlin, Bologna, Rome, Milan and has now made Athens his base. A prolific artist, he has had successful collaborations with clients such as HaperCollins, Headline, Penguin Random House, Folio Society, Templar, Chanel, Marie Claire, Adidas, Nike, H&M, Time magazine, The Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Haagen-Dazs, BMW, Pepsi Cola and Lufthansa. He has published many books and illustrated selected poems by Alexander Pushkin. Daniel regularly organises contemporary art shows across over Europe.

In November 2016, Neil Gaiman's American Gods collection, fully illustrated by Daniel, will be published by Headline.

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  • I have just bought two of these books for two sets of grandchildren and am very pleased with them. The book is beautifully presented and the illustrations are magical and have so much in them. From the response of my grandchildren they obviously love it too. A moving story about the power of love - a story to come back to many times and a book to treasure.

    Barbara Bailey Amazon review - 14 Oct. 2016
  • An emotion-packed haunting story, with outstanding illustrations.

    Parents In Touch - November 2016
  • Dramatic and striking artwork by talented artist Daniel Egneus captures the poignant and magical story of a determined child who will do anything to keep her family together. Enchanting.

    South Wales Evening Post Book of the Week - Sat 5. 2016
  • A wonderful book. My niece absolutely loves it! The author visited her school and all the children were mesmerized! The cover has a glitter finish and the artwork is stunning.

    Tom Amazon review - 13 Oct. 2016
  • I can't wait to give this book to my granddaughter. She will love it. A beautifully written book with fantastic illustrations and a lovely sparkly cover. A haunting fairytale demonstrating the love Anya has for her mother and the dangers she faced to rescue her from the evil Snow Witch.

    13 Oct. 2016 Amazon review
  • What a beautiful story filled with animals and nature, innocence and courage. Simply fantastic storytelling with gorgeous illustrations - so lush and enchanting. Absolutely stunning - getting another copy as Christmas gift!!

    Sophie Amazon review - 13 Oct. 2016
  • Some picture books can be as appreciated by adults as they can their children and this book, about Anya who lives in the shadow of an icy glacier where the Snow Witch reigns, is of that ilk. Swedish illustrator Daniel Egneus’s surrealist collage-style pictures – complemented by glittery textures – bring to life this enchanting story inspired by traditional fairytales.

    Antonia Charlesworth The Big Issue - Half term kids books round-up - Oct 21. 2016

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